What are the ADVANTAGES of signing up with us?


ADVANTAGE # 1:  KNOWLEDGE:  We want you to be happy with our service.  We know and understand the Internet business, which helps us guide you to choose YOUR best option.


ADVANTAGE #2:  As a local dealer, when you sign up with us you become our customer to maintain for the company.  We do your installation and also any service calls, so you're seeing and dealing with the same people. You get to know us and we get to know you, so you get the best service possible.


ADVANTAGE # 3:  We have more flexibility in customizing our installation to your home.


ADVANTAGE #4:  You can make money with us!  You can refer us to your family/ friends and receive $25 in cash for each one who signs up.


ADVANTAGE #5:  We can offer you any promotions and discounts that the national company offers. Our prices are the same.